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Rubrika » English » Museum-collection of teaching aids

Zadnja izmjena: 27.03.2010. u 16:27

The Gymnasium in Požega has a rich collection of teaching aids for the group of natural-sciences subjects, with a lot of old, valuable, rare and well preserved teaching aids.

Museum-collection of teaching aids


Many of these teaching aids are used even today for demonstration and practice, and the value and numerosity of them have imposed the demand for the foundation of a separate museum collection.

The more significant acquisition of teaching aids started in 1850 when the subject "naravoslovne znanosti" (natural sciences) was introduced in the Gymnasium and it included the teaching material from natural sciences and physics, that is since physics started to be taught as a separate subject in the school year 1872/73.

Catalogues of teaching aids from that period of the companies Max Kohl, Chemnitz and S., Marx es Merci, Leybold and others which were used for the acquisition of teaching aids, have also been kept.

In spite of numerous school reforms, carrying the aids around the school building and even to other buildings, the generations of the Gymnasium teachers and pupils have succeeded to preserve most of the old aids up to now so they can be collected and exposed in public in the school museum.

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